About Us

The Company was established in 1990 with the primary objective of providing products and services of the highest quality to major organizations in the industrial, vehicle and marine sectors. To date we have serviced and supported our customers in the private and public sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

We are dedicated to meet your business needs and requirement by offering quality products at competitive prices with fast delivery and reliable service. We will continue to seek creative and professional solutions to your problems, be it in drives, cooling system, wheels & castors or vibration isolation.

As the key business partner of Bauer, Gilkes, Hasse & Wrede and Rader Vogel , we are ever ready to serve you whenever and wherever possible. We maintain a well equipped facility with factory trained personnel and implement system and processes to enable us to deliver the quality and service of the highest standards. Given our strength and experience, we believe we could serve you with commitment and integrity.